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Pan Pacific Masters Games 1 - 9 November

Posted in Local Events at 30 August, 2014

No other sporting event has such a friendly and festive atmosphere whilst still providing elite sportsmanship across such a varied field. No matter what your sporting preference, there is bound to be an event for you to watch or participate in....

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V8 Supercars Castrol Edge GC600 24-26 October

Posted in Local Events at 18 August, 2014

The GC600 offers all the excitement and adrenalin of V8 Supercars on one of the toughest street circuits in the world....

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Celebrate the Bird Week on the Gold Coast

Posted in Local Events at 05 August, 2014

Experience an extraordinary celebration of nature and a vibrant community spirit all happening at the Bird Week on the Gold Coast, which has an abundance of amazing and unique natural reserves, as well as lush verdant rainforests and scenic national parks...

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