Celebrate the Bird Week on the Gold Coast

Posted in Local Events @ Aug 5th 2014 9:04am - By Administrator

Experience an extraordinary celebration of nature and a vibrant community spirit all happening at the Bird Week on the Gold Coast, which has an abundance of amazing and unique natural reserves, as well as lush verdant rainforests and scenic national parks.

To take place on 2 to 9 November in O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, the Bird Week where you can enjoy witnessing a wide array of beautiful species of birds and experience fun activities such as birdwatching.

Celebrating its 37th year, the Bird Week will serves as a fun gathering of nature lovers and bird enthusiasts as well as families and different individuals who want an exceptional experience of ththe natural environment of the Gold Coast. The Bird Week also guarantees everyone a worthwhile event where you can enjoy programs and activities designed to make the crowd engaged and enjoy. You can look forward to insightful talks and lectures, bird counts, 4WD excursions, spotlighting, and audio visual presentations.

The Bird Week is also a great occasion that allows you the chance to explore all the scenic spots and see the special and unique birds of Lamington National Park.

The Bird Week last week featured interesting guest speakers and local guides such as Tim O'Reilly, Glen Threlfo, Ian Gynther, Bill McDonald and Duncan Fowler.

Take this opportunity to immerse in the wonderful natural environment of Lamington Park and learn and be awed by the amazing bird species that inhabit this community. Those who are visiting the Gold Coast can also mark their calendars to be part of this event. Secure your reservation now at our Broadbeach Luxury Holiday Apartments, which serves as an ideal holiday accommodation for this event and for those who would like to explore more of the Gold Coast. Carmel by the Sea is conveniently located near major tourist destinations in the city and a short drive to the event venue.    

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