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Gold Coast Film Festival

A colourful and exciting celebration of film, arts and culture, the Gold Coast Film Festival will again be bringing you excellent entertainment and fun festivities to mark this annual industry event.

As Gold Coast serves as an important location for feature film production in the country, which is the setting of more than 75 percent of all Queensland production, the city has also become home to one of the world’s most exciting film festivals—The Gold Coast Film Festival (GCFF).

To be held on 9 to 19 April, this 10-day festival features a wide array of interactive and engaging programmes including films and events, which are also representative of different cultures. The Gold Coast Film Festival takes place across different Gold Coast locations and also supports Australian film makers with a strong highlight on public interactivity throughout the year.  

The Gold Coast Film Festival is where you can enjoy watching the world’s critically acclaimed dramas, comedies and genre films, Japanese anime, and locally produced indie films and family features. This festival also features special guests from the industry.

The Gold Coast Film Festival also showcases the many genres of fantasy film, such as sci-fi, horror, special effects, animation, anime and children’s fantasy, along with sidebar events, similar to the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film.

Film enthusiasts can look forward to a more exciting and interesting festival in 2015 and celebrate the excellence filmmakers from Australia and all over the world as they all gather in this extraordinary event on the Gold Coast.

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