Refreshing and healthy smoothies and juices on the Gold Coast

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Krush Juice Bar

In summer or the warmer months, a great way to beat the heat is drinking something cold and refreshing. Whether its flavourful iced teas, fruit juices, blended greens and citrus fruit smoothies, or shakes, you’ll definitely need something to quench your thirst and it’s better when it’s healthier. When you’re holidaying on the Gold Coast, be it in summer or whatever time of the year it is, you’ll always find stores and cafés offering your favourite refreshing and nutritious drinks.

Get the freshest squeeze or the perfect blend if you’re tired from all day of exploring the national parks, surfing or doing other beach activities or after a thrilling ride at a theme park on the Gold Coast. We have these juice bars and other places where you can find your favourite healthy thirst quenchers.

Offering healthy blends and detox, Happy Fling located at Fine Food and Farmers Market in Mermaid Waters is the best place for you to get your fix of nutritious drinks. Give yourself a fresh, cleansing drink such as the nutrient- and antioxidant-packed Flingsilicious that has a mix of beetroot, carrots, crisp sweet green apples and a touch of fresh mint. If you’re not in a nice mood then get the Naughty Fling, which is sweet and yummy with a drizzle of honey, and has a mix of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, banana and apple. If you want a spicy kick, the Hot Fling is perfect for you—it has strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, lemon and chilli.

In Mudgeeraba, you will find a store offering juices and smoothies made only with the freshest and healthiest ingredients. Promising ‘natural deliciousness’, Smoothjuice prides itself of offering juices and smoothies that are made from fresh fruit and vegetables with live enzymes, vitamins and minerals to condition every single cell in your body, detoxing, healing and revitalizing. Among their popular products here are the Immunity Booster Juice which is made of kiwi, strawberries, orange and mint; and the Power Berry smoothie which is made of mixed berries and pineapple.

For guilt-free indulgence, Krush Juice Bar on Millaroo Drive in Helensvale is where you can enjoy flavourful and healthy drinks. Try the Super juice that is made with carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger and lemon; or the Green Troppo made with banana, mint, ginger, lemon, pineapple, frozen vanilla yoghurt and spirulina.

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